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We are history - a call to mobilization for november 17th 2007

We are history - a call to mobilization for november 17th 2007

It's been years we have asked everybody to take responsibility as
collectively as possible for what the mobilizations against G8 in Genoa
The arrogance of Genoa prosecutors during the final speech of their
accusation in the court case against 25 protestors accused of devastation
and sacking seems to have eventually aroused the hearts and brains of
300000 people that in Genoa opposed themselves to the politics of the G8.
We think this is not the time for childish hairsplittings and sectarism.

What we need now is a mass demo and an unconditioned participation to all
those events that will try to make pressure on courts and justice to avoid
a conclusion in the court case along the prosecutors desires.
This is the reason why we hope everybody will answer the call for
mobilizations, with intellligence and the will to reclaim what those long
lost days of july 20th and 21st 2001 represented for us all.

We are history
A call to mobilizing for november 17th, 2007

"We are history" is not a catchphrase. It's a specific approach to the
point: on one side social history, on the other the history of power. The
people who sang this song over the years did it instinctively knowing to be
part of an important part of history, wether it official one or not. And
they did sing it thinking of Genoa 2001. By any means necessary.

Since July 21st 2001 the State Justice and politicians began to review the
history we all lived: those who revolted against a certain view of the
world became terrorists; those who spread terror through the streets of
Genoa became the Champions of Order and Safety.
For six long years this is what we breathed in the courtrooms, while our
collective voice was growing faint, along with a process of collective
removal that made a lot of people forget that Genoa was not only terror in
uniform, but also the strenght and energy of hundreds of thousands of
people that at least for few days thought that the world could be different
from how they have always been told.
For six long years the puppet theatre of the criminal court was all we got
instead of hearing the real voices of the people, believing that in
some way judicial truth and historical facts could meet, hoping that in
some way everything could come to an end without having few demonstrators
paying for the revenge of power all by themselves.
The public prosecutor's Canepa and Canciani bills of indictment for the
trial against the 25 demonstrators accused of devastation and sacking
finished the operation of historical revisionism that started the day after
the demonstrations against the G8 in 2001 and was ended by the
demand of 225 years of jail for the 25 demonstrators.
We think that the time has come to take back our voice, to shout that what
happened in Genoa in 2001 belongs to all of us, to mobilize with
intelligence in order to avoid that 25 people pay for something that we all
did, where we were all protagonists, none excepted.
We want to strongly launch the demo for the 17th November in Genoa, and all
the other events that aim to the reappropriation of our historical memory
and of the meaning of those days in Genoa, six years ago but still alive
for what they represented.
We would like that everybody relaunch this call without signatures, without
identities, because Genoa is not over, it's still here, and today, and it
concerns all of us and everybody has to take charge of it, without
Let's start with a first meeting in Genoa: 17 November 2007